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Bikemarshals was the brainchild of Mark Anson from the Wirral, he got together a group of likeminded bikers to support charity events such as egg and toy runs etc with the aim of helping to make these events safer. This is still the number one aim of the group some 12 year down the line.

As the group expanded and got busier through time, Mark found it difficult to coordinate Bikemarshals and operate his classic wedding car hire business, so he handed ownership off the group to his ‘right hand’ marshal Barrie Green. We still consider Mark as our ‘spiritual leader’ and we are extremely grateful for his foresight in forming Bikemarshals all those years ago.

Since that time the group has like Topsy, ‘grown and grown’ and now bears only a slight resemblance to its original concept ….however our aim is unchanged in ‘Safety at Events’ We have covered all manner of events, from cycle racing and sportive rides to marathons and running event, Remembrance Day Parades, funeral corteges and even escorted a famous life sized one eyed bear from Pudsey in West Yorkshire to Bare (bear) on the outskirts of Morecambe for the BBC!

We have about 30 members in the team some of which have served in the emergency services and are able to draw on a wealth of experience when dealing with unexpected situation. Bikemarshals are led by a management team of Barrie Green (Co-Ordinator, Administrator and Jack of No Trades) Graham Jones (retired member of the Ambulance Service and adviser of medical issues) and Gary Reece (ex GMP and Highways England Motorway Patrol Officer who looks after all things Training) Our Motos are members of the Institute of Advanced Motorists or ROSPA etc (or they are working towards membership) and have first aid experience, we carry first aid equipment on our motorcycles and have several A.E.D.s (Defibs) As far as possible we aim to have at least one AED on every event we attend. All prospective members are required to do an assessment ride with further repeat checks at intervals.

We recognise the importance of Immediate intervention and effective resuscitation and have invested heavily in AEDs and the training to go with it and are extremely grateful to our good friends of the Knutsford Community Responders Group for providing CPR and AED training both initially and on a continuing basis….the investment came into fruition in 2018 when one of our Motos came across a competitor who was in cardiac arrest, he gave immediate CPR and after four shocks from
the defib he was carrying, the lady was taken into the ambulance breathing on her own….she has subsequently made a complete recovery……We are most proud of his efforts.

The primary role of the Bikemarshals is to make a visible presence on the event course, to provide a reassurance to people taking part of the event and spectators also. We are the ‘eyes and ears’ of the event organisers and we will be the first response to any unexpected occurrence, giving what assistance (within our capabilities) to anyone who requires it and taking steps to prevent further damage…eg diverting vehicles round an accident scene etc. Our real strength is not what we
do….its what we can do when called upon !

We are primarily based in the north-west of the UK but we are more that happy to travel anywhere in the country to attend events. We are very proud to have assisted many of the leading event organisers including TLI Cycling, Pennine Events Ltd. Perfect Motion Ltd, Gemini, BBC Radio Lancashire. Motiv Sports, U.K. Cycling Events, WMP Creative Excellence, Competitor Group etc.

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