Fantastic Donation

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Many of our members have met the lovely Julie Ainscough from events we attend. She sadly lost her son in a bike accident some years ago and subsequently formed the Bikers Support Group aimed at helping families who have found themselves is a similar situation as they were in. Since then Julie has requested our assistance in quite a few 'bikers final rides'. A couple of weeks ago we were contacted by Julie who asked if we needed anything as a group, We told her that we were presently arranging to replace our hi viz jackets. As a result of that conversation,We are astounded and delighted to report that today the sum of £500 has been transferred to our account to help pay for the new jackets. We are very grateful to Julie and the Bikers Support Group for their generosity.......

Since posting this we have managed to obtain sponsorship from Motor Direct for the hi vis jackets (see later post) so have decided to use Julies kind donation to provide the team with Polo shirts something which was on our 'bucket list' for when funds became available, once again many thanks Julie

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