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Updated: Nov 14, 2018

On Sunday 8th July 2018 One of our marshals, Graham Jones, himself a retired Paramedic, was doing another job as a Bike Marshal for the Manchester to Blackpool cycle ride and here’s his story:

On Schofield Lane Atherton I came across a 55yr old woman rider flat out in the middle of the road with 6 or 7 people stood around her. As I pulled up along side they said she’s breathing but unconscious. I took one look at and though “oh shit” she was in agonal breathing (last breaths of life approx 1 breath every 30-40secs). I jumped off and started CPR with gasps from onlookers as to what I was doing. I told one of them to get my De-fib out of the panniers. It shocked her 3 times whilst continuing CPR. It took NWAS 45 mins to arrive as the caller had stated she was breathing!

Sunday was a bloody hot day, doing CPR in my full gear including my helmet for 45mins nearly killed me as well.

This morning I spoke to her on the phone at Royal Bolton CCU, to say we were both a bit emotional is an understatement. She has been to Wythenshawe for a full scan and she has no brain or heart damage whatsoever. Her consultant has asked for my De-fib print out see what rhythm she was in because he can’t believe the results.

My point is de-fibs do work and people should be aware of the signs and symptoms of a cardiac arrest. Get stuck in and do something don’t just stand around doing nothing. Whatever you do is not going to worsen the situation but maybe you may be able to save a life.

Graham has been to see the lady, Elaine Spector from Lytham St Annes and she’s doing fine. It goes without saying that we are extremely proud of Graham and it certainly backs up our strategy of investing in AEDs and life support training through our partners at Knutsford Community First Responders Group.


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