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Annual Meeting For 2019

Its the 'close season' for the Bikemarshals Team but that dosnt mean that we are sunbathing in the Caribbean (I wish).....No we are very busy preparing for the new season...our first event is in March and we are all looking forward to it ! I am looking after the diary and the jobs are coming in thick and looks like we may be even busier than 2018/

On Sunday the 24th February (and I am in major trouble ...... thought the date rang a bell....its the wife's birthday.....this is going to cost dearly ! ) we will be holding our annual meeting cum training day, this will be at Warrington Community Fire Station (thanks Chief). We have a guest speaker Steve Evans MBE. Steve was a Instructor Paramedic with North West Ambulance until retirement a couple of years ago....He is also a very keen cyclist and a member of Liverpool Century Cycling Club. Since he finished training paramedics, Steve spends much time giving presentations to cycle users such as clubs training members to give first aid mainly to other cyclists involved in 'offs' and collisions. with special focus to the sorts of injuries often encountered by bike riders. Steve has very kindly to give the presentation to our members as we often have to deal with bike accidents on races and other `events.


We will then take a stroll up the road to the nearby Toby Carvery where we will enjoy a leisurely Sunday Lunch before returning to the fire station for the afternoon training session. We have plans for quite a few changes and improvements to the way we work so we will roll these out and discuss at length. We will also talk about the events we are booked on.

So it should be a full and fruitful day....before I return home to face the music.


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