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Apologies For Lack of Updates.

  1. Its always a quiet time of the year and not much to update but this year is for person reasons. On the 9th December 2019 our Coordinator Barrie Green was on his way to meet the rest of the guys to do the annual Rivington Barn Riders Toy Run. When he arrived at junction 13 on the M60, following a very sudden malfunction on his Honda ST1300, Barrie was thrown from his bike which continued to power in to the crash barrier, The emergency services quickly attended the scene including a Rapid Response Unit from the nearby City Airport at Barton and Barrie was transported to Salford Royal Hospital when it was found he had sustained a head injury, broken bones in his spine, no less than NINE rib fractures, a broken wrist and shoulder. A 7 hour operation followed to repair his spine involving the implant of metal rods (it will make airport security checks interesting in the future) and he spent the next 9 days in the Critical Care Unit at Salford. Thanks to the marvelous care received from Surgeons, Doctors, Nursing Staff and Physios, our Barrie made a fantastic recovery and unbelievably was discharged in time to spend Christmas at home with his wife Barb. He obviously has a very long journey back to full fitness and it is uncertain if he will be back on two wheels anytime soon (if at all) He will continue to administer Bikemarshals as he has done for the past 12 years or so,

  2. All members of the group are extremely grateful to all members of the Salford Royal staff, Paramedics from NEAS and GNAA and Roads Police GMP for their skill and support without which Barrie might not be here to tell the tale !


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