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Escorting Elaine into Blackpool

1 year ago, our team marshalled the annual Manchester to Blackpool Cycle Ride when our moto Graham arrived on scene of what appeared to be an RTC involving one of the riders, he found the lady rider, Elaine to be unresponsive and without a pulse, he commenced CPR and using one of the defibs we carry administered 3 shocks,. He was joined by an off duty nurse and later by the crew of a passing fire appliance and eventually an ambulance. Elaine was taken to hospital when it was confirmed she had suffered a cardiac arrest.

Miraculously Elaine has made a complete recovery and one year later to the day she was able to do the ride again....this time completing the whole course in a unbelievable fast time.

Arriving at the finish line both Graham and Barrie escorted her along the Promenade to rapturous and cheers from the waiting crowds, We are very proud of Graham whos action on the day undoubtedly saved Elaine's life. He has been nominated for a Lifesavers Award. Understandably Elaine and Graham have kept in touch and are now very good friends.


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