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Rest in Peace Jordan !

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

During May 9 years old Jordan Banks from Blackpool was struck by lightening whilst playing football on a local playing field and very sadly died from his injuries. At very short notice we were approached by Dave who was organising a Memorial Ride and asked if we could assist to operate the event in a safe manner. The Ride was to start outside the Norbreck Hotel on the north end of the Golden Mile, passing along the famous Promenade to South Shore and finishing near the playing fields where poor Jordan was killed.

No-one knew exactly how many vehicles would turn up but suspected that it would be big. We were not disappointed....the numbers exceeded our wildest estimates...and then some ! just about everything which could be fitted with wheels rocked their hundreds, cycles, motorbikes, cars vans, lorry's, coaches and even double decker busses lined up at the start. Our team of bikes took the lead, securing the roadway allowing colleagues from RSS Road Safety who closed off junctions etc to allow the procession to travel unheeded. The prom was lined with well-wishers who cheered and was quite poignant and many taking part experienced tin the large amount of grit floating about in the atmosphere !!

Our team had a 'pause' near the Tower to all 'catch up' what we didnt realise was that the group of people standing near were in fact Jordan's family. We inadvertently paid our group respects tot he bereft family.

We eventually arrived at the end of the route, only to receive information that the final vehicles were just leaving the start point at Norbreck which gives some idea the extent of the procession,

Bikemarshals are very proud and extremely humbled to have taken part in supporting this event and we express our sincere condolences to Jordan's family and friends Apparently in spite of his age, Jordan was somewhat of a charity fundraiser......a just giving appeal has been started in his memory and this has been boosted massively during the parade. Jordan was very much a Liverpool FC supporter so I will conclude this with 'YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE,,,,,,Fly High and Rest in Peace Jordan


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