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St Helens 10k 2022

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

St.Helens 10K Race 2022

Sunday 6th March 4 members of the Bikemarshals Team returned to the St Helens Rugby Stadium for the annual St Helens 10k race For a change, the weather was very kind to the 2000 runners taking part, one Moto leading the runners on the closed road route, his colleagues patrolled the roads ensuring that the closure was not breached and giving reasurance and assistance if necessary. The event was completed without incident and all first aid gear remained in the bikes pannier cases....just as it should be and as we like it. As in previous years, a great deal of money has been raised for The Steve Prescot Foundation, The Christie Cancer Charity and various other very worthwhile causes. Its a fantastic event.

Motos from R to L are Dave, Graham J , Gary and Stu. We are so happy that things are getting back to somewhat normallity after the two years break due to covid....our diary is filling up nicely !


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