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Yesterday six members of the Group attended the Siddington Circuit in Cheshire to support the Steve Gutteridge Memorial Road Race expertly organized by the Liverpool Century Cycling Club. Three races were run concurrently with 3 minutes starting gap.

Unfortunately, during the race one of the cyclists collided with another rider Paul Mason causing him to come off his bike. The accident happened just in front of the event first aider Steve Evans MBE (a retired Paramedic who supports Bike Marshals with trauma & first aid training) who treated Paul within seconds and requested an ambulance. Two of our motos was diverted to the scene to assist Steve and assist with traffic management. Paul was transferred to Leighton Hospital, Crewe were he was treated for a fractured pelvis. Happily he was allowed home later in the evening. We wish Paul a speedy recovery, knowing him he will be back in the saddle before too long.

Accidents like this are fortunately quite rare, but when they do occur our team are ready, prepared, equipped, trained and experienced to deal with incidents like this to assist the injured riders and protect others. Regrettably, one of the races had to be abandoned as the Police had to close the road whilst the accident was sorted out.


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