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TLI Cycling Meeting

We recently attended the annual 'organisers meeting' of our friends and partners TLI Cycling and the 'Meeting Notes' are as follows :-

Motor Bike Marshals – Continuing partnership with “Bike Marshals” and their use.

TLI Cycling is delighted with the partnership with Bike Marshals who, like TLI Cycling, are a not-forprofit voluntary organisation. The professionalism of the riders and the enhancement to event safety is a major asset. Barrie stated that TLI Cycling remains their number 1 partner organisation. The team also provides trained static marshals. New Two-way radios will be available in 2020.

Bike Marshals are delighted with this report, we have fantastic relationships with the TLI Cycling members some of their responses ;-

Graham McEwan So important is your part In all the TLI events makes the riders feel so much safer keep up the great work

Nick Giles Without your superlative support, racing on today's roads would be impossible...thx guys!

Nigel Harrop Everything you do is so appreciated by everyone associated with TLI Cycling. Judging by the comments on FB over the year(s) that sentiment is shared by many other organisations too!

Brandon Ridgway Good to hear, the support you guys offer is greatly appreciated by all. Especially the great job you did of picking me up after I got a bit too close to the track at Oulton Park earlier in the year

Lee Nichols Of all the events I’ve done lead car, they couldn’t safely go ahead without you all supporting. Keep up the good work 👍

Andrew Wright Thanks very much to all of you for keeping us safe

Sam Billzee That's great news..things always feel safer with you around👍


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