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Busy Busy Busy

Here at Bikemarshals HQ (well my dining room to be accurate) things are going full steam ahead preparing for the 2019 season. Bookings have been coming in thick and fast since the beginning of the month. I was rather concerned when I heard that a couple of events that we attend are either not running or the size of the series are being curtailed.

I need not have worried.....I have just done a quick calculation and the number of events already booked (or awaiting confirmation) already match the total attended in 2018.

Quite a few events are new to us as well as those we attend year by year.

We have lost a few members over the closed season but have recruited more to replace them. As I wrote in my last Blog entry, we will be holding a meeting/training day next month when we will discuss the way forward for the group......we have a fantastic reputation in what we do....but we cannot rest on our laurels.....we need to move onward and upwards and to this end we need to work more efficiently to help our clients events run safer and provide a better experience for participants..Any Event Organisers wanting to avail themselves of our services are urged to contact me without delay.

Whilst typing this blog I have received information asking us to attend the St Georges Day Parade in Manchester for the third year running.......our job there will be to marshal several large groups of scooter riders into the main parade......and then our team join in the end of the parade....a fantastic experience with the massive crowds lining the route clapping and cheering. This takes place on the 22nd April.


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